VUI - Concept

User Problem
There are a lot of activities and apps for children, which are not beneficial for their development. Parents sometimes just need a few minutes to take a deep breath and refresh their energy. During that time they want to provide an activity to their children with good conscience.

Problem Solution
A website / App that is a fun actitvity for kids (and also adults) that isn't too time consuming and addictive. A website / App that provides benefit while also calming down the user.

How will that be achieved?
- calming colors
- interesting and catchy stories that are not too exciting but neverthless fun
- calming sounds
- a calming and pleasant voice

Target Audience
Primary: Children, 3-10 & Parents

Secondary: Adults, 18-60

Desktop PC, Tablet

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User Scenario & Storyboard
Ninas mother is off to a company Christmas party, while her dad is at home wrapping presents for the upcoming Christmas Eve this week.
Ninas dad has recently come across "VUI" because parents from primary school have been talking about it. He immediately downloaded it to the family tablet.
Nina shouldn’t see him wrapping up the presents, because he doesn't want to spoil the surprise for her. So he sets up the tablet and places Nina in her bedroom, where he hopes she will stay until he has finished. He knows that "VUI" will keep her busy long enough for him to finish the gift wrapping.

User Flow

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Hi-Fi Wireframes